Are there age restrictions on tickets?

A few, yes. Here’s the breakdown:

Aged 0 – 5 free entry with a ticket holding adult.

Aged 6 – 11 you must have a child ticket AND be accompanied by a parent/guardian (family tickets are possibly your best option).

Aged 12 – 17 You must have a ticket AND be accompanied by a ticket holding adult aged 25 or over. You will receive an under-18 wristband.

Aged 18+ You need a ticket and valid ID if you intend to drink or purchase alcohol onsite.

Why £110 for a standard ticket?

We charge the absolute bare minimum that we can get away with to make this thing work.  We keep all costs as low as possible for you, in the hope that you’ll keep coming back. If we charged any less, Leopallooza simply couldn’t happen. The price goes up to cover the rising costs!

Are there any early-bird tickets left?

None whatsoever! Our 1500 early-bird tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes!

What does a Golden Squirrel ticket get me?

Believe us. A Golden Squirrel (formerly a ‘VIP’) ticket is worth it. Down in the Golden Hollow, there’s a cocktail bar and luxury loos with showers in a separate camping area, impromptu and exclusive backstage performances and other stuff too!

If I want to upgrade my early-bird ticket to a family or Golden Squirrel ticket later, can I?

I’m afraid not. You can sell your earlybird ticket to a friend and purchase a Golden Squirrel ticket if you like.

Why do you sell early-bird tickets?

As we want to remain completely independent and able to make all the key decisions, we have to fund all this ourselves. Early-bird tickets mean we can start the ball rolling. They’re also a litmus test for interest in the event – our earlybirds sold quicker than ever before!

Why Don’t You Sell Friday or Saturday ONLY Tickets?

As we’re an independent event, we rely on the income from full weekend tickets to keep the festival lights on! And, such is the free and easy nature of the festival site, it would be logistically impossible for us to keep track of who had which wristbands for which day.  However, we keep the price low, keep our bar prices in line with pubs, and compared to other similar sized festivals, we believe we’re still the best value!

Should I buy my ticket soon?

It’s probably smart, yes. Not only do we anticipate selling out this year, but by buying your ticket early you actually help to make the event better. You see, as we’re self-funded, the earlier we have ticket revenue, the earlier we can get fun stuff rolling. So it makes a lot of sense to get your slice of summer fun sorted nice and early. You can buy your ticket from the ticket page.

Do I have to buy an E-Ticket or an M-Ticket?

Our E-Ticket and M-Ticket system is very safe to use, and all you need to do is follow the instructions in the email/message you get sent. We also have tickets available to buy locally from the Bude Surf Cabin, Butter Bun & The Widemouth Manor.

What’s an M-Ticket?

An M-Ticket is like an E-Ticket, except you buy it using your mobile phone. Hence ‘M’.

So I don’t get a little love note with my ticket like I used to?

Sadly not. But if you tick the little box as you purchase, we can send you some E-love down the line. The days of love notes are, at least for now, on hold until we can find an efficient way of doing them.

I’m having issues buying my ticket from the website/Facebook/my phone – who do I contact?

If your E-Ticket email doesn’t show up, first make sure you’ve checked your spam folder, just in case it’s been misdirected to there. If there’s no sign of it after 24 hours from purchase, then seek help via www.ticketscript.com, the lovely people who sell our tickets for us. The same stands for your M-Ticket. If you don’t get a message within 24 hours, follow the same route of enquiry.

If you have any other ticket enquiries, write to info@leopallooza.com

I can’t attend anymore, can I get a refund?

Sorry to hear that, we’ll miss you! We’re afraid there are no refunds on purchased tickets.  You are welcome to sell your ticket to a friend.


Can you let me know when we can show up?

Sure, The gates open at 9am on Friday 28th July and close at 2pm on Monday 31st July. The campsite is open all weekend, but we need to close the music arena and the bars each night to prepare for the following day.

Can we come and go from the site?

So long as you keep your wristband on, yes you can come and go as you please. If you lose that, you won’t be able to get back in! The ticket exchange (where you pick up your wristband) is open from 9am, and closed to entry from 10pm, each day.

Getting to Leopallooza

To find out where we are, check out our handy map at the bottom of the page. Our address is:

The Wyldes
Lower Exe Farm
Week St Mary
EX22 6UX

We’ve teamed up with our friend Stacey at Robs Travel, and him and his team will be providing shuttle runs to and from the festival entrance. These will be running from the Strand Bus Shelter in Bude (opposite the Globe Hotel) to the shuttle stop at Leopallooza (and vice versa) during the following periods:

–  FRIDAY: 8:30am – 12pm

–  SATURDAY: 9am – 11am

–  SUNDAY: 9am –12pm

–  MONDAY: 7am – 12pm

Shuttle runs will be £7.50 per person per trip (cash only – there are several cash machines close to the Strand Bus Shelter should you need them!). If you need to get in touch with Stacey to check on his arrival/departure times, call: 07771 824141.

Here are a few other taxi numbers. Do remember, allow enough time for your trip if it’s time essential, it’s always best to book in advance and try to travel with friends where possible:

Trev’s Taxis: 07799 663217 (Highly recommended by us!)

Robs Travel: 07771 824141 (Highly recommended by us!)

Parkers (Holsworthy): 07794 637143 (6 seater available)

Launceston Taxis: 01566 785364

AB Taxis (Launceston): 01566 776877

For further information on trains & buses, use www.traveline.info


Do I have to pay extra to camp?

No. Camping is included in the price of your ticket.

Is there a family camping area?

Yes, we have a designated spot for family camping.

Can I bring a camper-van?

Yes, we have a camping area specifically for campervans. Campervan tickets are £15.

I want to bring my camper-van, but I’d like to park close to my friends who are camping. Can I?

We don’t allow campervans in the camping area, but we allow camping in the campervan area (at your own risk) and 1 tent per van.

Why do we get given a bin bag on entry?

Every year, despite having plenty of bins, rubbish is the single biggest issue after everyone has left. We encourage all party-goers to take home anything that you can recycle at the end of the festival, and put all other rubbish in the bins or bin-bags provided. Extra bin-bags are always available from the gate, but we ask that you try and take home and recycle as much of it as possible.

You’re not big fans of tent pegs are you?

Not the ones that get left behind, no. Tent pegs are bad for cow bellys….

Can I bring my dog to Leopallooza?

Sadly not. There is a blanket ban on all pets attending. That means no dogs, cats, tigers or goldfish.


Are there parking charges?

Nope. We don’t charge for parking or camping.

Can I park my car by my tent?

No, for safety reasons we don’t allow cars into the regular camping area. See above regarding campervans.

Can I drive to my tent to drop off my stuff?

If you’re camping in the regular camping area, then I’m afraid not. The parking and camping fields are right next to each other though. It’s a very short hop across the field.

Food & Drink

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes you can, but only what you can carry on first entry into the campsite and NO GLASS! We keep alcohol prices low and we have several bars, we’d encourage you to support the future of Leopallooza by buying booze on-site!

Are glass bottles allowed on-site?

No, glass bottles are strictly not allowed anywhere on site, and will be confiscated if spotted by our security and steward teams. It’s safer for the cows you see, who spend a lot more time in it than the rest of us!

Can I take my own alcohol into the arena?

No, afraid not.

Are drinks expensive?

No. We keep our prices at local pub prices and in many cases we’re even cheaper.

What are the age limits for drinking?

They are the same as pubs – Under 18’s are not allowed to drink alcohol, and we operate a ‘LOOK 25’ policy at the bars. So it’s always worth carrying some photo ID. Anyone under 18 who is found drinking alcohol will have their drinks confiscated and risk being asked to leave.

What time are the bars open until?

Our bars open at 11am every day and close at 1.30am on the Friday night, 1.30am on the Saturday night and 01.00am on Sunday night.

Can we bring our own barbecue?

You can bring your own small barbecues to be used in the camping areas only, but we ask that you act responsibly when using it. Please consider your neighbours, and if you’re using a foil ‘disposable’ barbecue, please bring something to place it on so as not to be a fire risk. Always make sure the barbecue has been completely dampened down before leaving it, and please make sure you bin it properly or take it home with you when you leave.

Is there food on-site?

Lots of it. As well as our own food joint (The Hungry Badger) we have heaps of guest food stalls in Palloozaville catering for all dietary requirements.

Being Prepared

Will I need wellies?

It’s the end of July! Whoever heard of rain in July?! However, on the off chance that it does it’s smart to come prepared. We recommend wet weather gear, a change of clothes and, of course, wellies.

Do I need cash on me?

Yes you do, for purchasing food from traders…  We do have card machines on all the bars and merch.


What is your drugs policy?

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs. If you are caught using, or are in possession of illegal drugs or legal highs including nitrous oxide (nos) along with associated items including but not limited to balloons, CO2 dispensers and whipped cream dispensers, our friendly but firm security team will immediately ask you to leave the site.

Is my stuff safe in my tent?

On the whole, yes it is. Every area of the site is monitored by our security team. But as with any festival, we’d recommend that you don’t leave alcohol or valuables where they can be pilfered easily.

How do I get thrown out of Leopallooza?

Under-age drinking, taking drugs, being a drunken nuisance, blasting your car stereo and generally bringing a bad attitude to proceedings: all are not looked upon sympathetically by our security teams, and you could find yourself the lonely side of the entrance very quickly.

I have a question that you haven’t answered. How do I get in touch with you?

Please see below for all the ways you can get in touch.

I’d like to get more involved with Leopallooza.  I have skills you may be interested in. Who do I need to speak to?

We’re always on the lookout for skills. Feel free to drop us a line on the work email below.

ADDRESS Leopallooza
The Wyldes
Lower Exe Farm
Week St Mary
EX22 6UX
GENERAL: info@leopallooza.com
MEDIA: media@leopallooza.com
BRAND: partnership@leopallooza.com
ARTIST: artist@leopallooza.com
TRADE: trade@leopallooza.com
WORK: work@leopallooza.com

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