7 Things You (Probably) Never Knew About Leopallooza

1. Way back in the day, before we spoke directly to agents, amongst other methods, we would use Myspace to find the very best new music we could. One of the organisers came upon some acoustic demos from a very promising young singer-songwriter. He asked her if she'd like to play the festival, but the timing wasn't ideal and she mentioned that perhaps she could play the following year. It was left like that. A little later on, she messaged the same organiser again, as she'd spotted he was a Capricorn too, just like her. He never responded. Since then, Ellie Goulding got pretty famous. The organiser in question has tried to login to his Myspace ever since.

2. We have several team members monitoring our social media accounts year round. For Leopallooza 2017, one such member had a new-born baby, so she couldn't make it to the festival for the first time in a long time. She was monitoring our Twitter feed from her new home in Bristol. There was an occasion when toilet roll was required in the portaloos in the Family Camping area. Someone tweeted it, and we got the heads up via Bristol. Luckily for everyone, she's back on site this year.

3. Seasick Steve came and played Leopallooza X after seeing our advert on the roadside, and subsequently got in touch. Prior to this we'd put in an offer to his agent: The offer included a vintage John Deere tractor.

4. During the sound checks, the Leopallooza stage crew performed an impromptu dance-off on the Sunday morning at Leopallooza XI. It was to Reach for the Stars by S Club 7, and it happened just prior to 20 round bales of hay (more than 16 tons) being laid across the slightly damp main arena...

5. In 2010, in the process of picking acts for that year's festival, one of the band bookers for the festival (see the Ellie Goulding post above - yeah, same guy) came across another promising young singer via this video on the SBTV Youtube channel. He forwarded the link for the video to one of the other team, who had a watch, and dismissed it.

Ed Sheeran has also since become pretty famous.

6. The Grandaddy of the site is Mr John Ellis. Affectionately known to team members and friends alike as Papa John, it's his farm that Leopallooza takes place upon, and none of this could ever have happened without him and his wife, Marlene. Before we got a little more organised and built other digs, their house served as team sleeping quarters, an emergency lavatory, and artists' accommodation (Bastille had a lovely stay.)

Papa John and Marlene

Papa John and Marlene

7. Despite having been an integral part in the creation and founding of Leopallooza Festival by using his hard won tax rebate to fund the very first house-party-in-a-field, co-festival director Sam Dunnett didn't even get a mention in last year's 'Cornwall Cool List'. However, co-director Lee Ellis (No. 32) did, as did stage manager Allan Drake (No. 29), stage manager Louise Martin (No. 46), stage manager Charlie Stanley (No. 18), The Funny Side organiser MJ Walker (No. 26) and compere/videographer Tam Johnstone (No. 8), all of whom have played a part in making Leopallooza pretty cool in our eyes.

Sam still sleeps at night.