Earth Day and us.

It’s Earth Day today. We’ve lived on Planet Earth for quite a long time now, we really like it here and have no intention of leaving for a while yet. Some of us have even multiplied while we’ve been here too, and have little Leopallooza team members running around who would also like a nice healthy planet to live on, no doubt.

So it’s important we do our “bit” – independently of course, but also as a business, as a team, and as friends – to make sure we’re not screwing it up for those who’d like to enjoy our lush little valley in the future, both near and far. We also believe that you, as ticket buyers (and therefore investors in the festival’s future), should be assured that you’re not putting your money into something that’s knowingly being a complete dick to the environment behind the scenes, both locally and in a wider, worldlier sense.

There are several things we do here at Leopallooza to minimise our festival footprint, listed below. It’s not an exhaustive list, but then there are still things we’re pretty sure we could do better. So we are always looking to improve, and always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our eco-standing, wherever possible. But here’s where we’re at so far:

  • We have a 0% landfill policy with 90% of our waste recycled, while the remaining 10% is converted into fuel pellets.
  • We were the first festival in the UK to ban single use plastic drinking cups, and fully embrace the reusable ‘Stack Cups’ at our event (if you’ve been to Leopallooza in the last few years and bought a drink, you’ll know what these are – so clever!) thus reducing a huge amount of unnecessary plastic waste.
  • We don’t sell plastic water bottles, and all traders at Leopallooza are told not to sell them either.
  • As a rule, all traders in Palloozaville and across the festival must use 100% biodegradable packaging.
  • Since 2011, we’ve used bamboo straws instead of plastic.
  • All the buildings within the festival grounds are built using reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible, with much of the wood sourced from our own sustainable woodlands. That enormous main stage that you can't miss is made out of recycled steel and reclaimed wood (a lot of it reclaimed from the old main stage). The second stage is made from recycled timber from a barn in Okehampton.
  • We have an extensive replanting programme. For every tree we have to cut down, we replant three.
  • All lanes and access areas at Leopallooza are created using our own natural, on-site quarry.
  • Following the Leopallooza weekend, the event space is completely litter free by the Tuesday evening.
  • Wherever possible we use local contractors in the festival build, and everyone is from Devon or Cornwall. This includes the lighting, the fencing and the toilets.
  • We encourage car-sharing wherever possible. This year we’ve introduced a nominal charge per car to try and encourage this further.
  • All the festival lighting at Leopallooza are LEDs, which reduces overall power consumption.
  • The tin cladding on the rooves and sides of our bars is reclaimed from a shed up the road a bit, that blew down in the wind.(N.B. If any Police happen to be reading this: It honestly blew down in the wind, Officer. Honestly.)

We’re trying, and we’ll keep trying, because we bloody love this planet.

Team Leo xx

📷: Kristian Grant