Treeline & The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club: An Electronic Taster Menu


Leopallooza has a whole host of musical treats on offer (as if you didn't know already!). It's eclectic, sure, but we're here to talk about the electronic.

Here, Treeline curator Le Soso has put together a mix of just some of the artists playing across the Treeline and The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club at Leopallooza XII to get you in the mood for the festival...

I wanted to try and get across the amazing lineup we have at Leopallooza in one mix, I'm really happy with bookings we've made this year. I've no doubt it's going to be the greatest house party... in field (ever!)

1. The Slap - Le Soso

2. Too Strong - X-RAY TED Ted

I started with a song I've recently been working on, it's a disco-laced party tune. I'm excited to play on the festival circuit this year. Moving on quickly, I have the awesome X-Ray Ted who'll be playing in The HKPP Club again this year, it's such a great remix. 

3. Voices - Monki

We're over the moon to have Radio 1's Monki attend, who has released her own single, Voices. This is on her own label, friends. Monki has been likened to Annie Mac and that can be no bad thing. 

4. Bassline - Gotsome

We all like a bit of Bassline and Gotsome will be happy to provide that for us. Friday night will see the Bristol duo bring their own style of bass and house music to the Treeline.

5. Africa - Crawford

I'm really happy to have Crawford back on the Treeline, we met playing an impromptu B2B at Loveriot a few years ago and we've been friends since. This is his track Africa, a grinding banger.

6. My MPC - Mak and Pasteman

These guys have had my attention since their Jack by Breach remix years ago. They're solid producers and amazing DJs. I'm really looking forward to seeing the set they'll be playing on Saturday night in the Treeline.

7. Crosshatch - Inkline - Aurbs Remix

The man in millennial pink, he's a label manager for the Stanton Warriors Punks imprint. He is a wizard when it comes to the remix and we've been lucky enough to have him play a few times already. This year he'll be setting up for Roni Size on Sunday evening.

8. Reprazent, Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size

A timeless Drum and Bass legend who has set the bar for DNB & Jungle. He's another Bristol guy with a legacy that will stand the test of time. The Treeline will be shaking on Sunday night.

9. California Soul - A.Skillz

If you can't shake your tail feather to this you were simply born wrong. A.Skillz is a man who knows how to provide a party soundtrack, I'll be running over to The HKPP Club to dance for sure.

10. Round of Applause - The Nextmen

This song has been on my "party vibes" playlist for years, I'm so happy to hear the Hong King Ping Pong crew have booked The Nextmen. They're serious selectors and producers who have been making amazing mixtapes for years.

11. Move your body - Marshall Jefferson

One of the pioneers of House music is actually playing at Leopallooza, crazy... When you read about the beginnings of the genre, the late Frankie Knuckles and our man Marshall Jefferson are right there. He is our Saturday headliner, make sure you're there!

I'm also really excited for the all-new silent disco coming to Leopallooza, perfectly named The Quiet Riot. I'll see you all there after the Treeline has closed as it goes on in to the early hours...