2019 Ticket Prices explained (far better than we did on Facebook!)

On Monday we dropped the 2019 Earlybird tickets. And although we've already sold an awful lot of them, we obviously noticed there were several people who weren't happy with the increase in price to be able to stay in the 'Sleepy Hollow' area (our name for the Family Camping area).

The simple fact is, we could have done a far better job at explaining the increase, and we could have done it in advance of the tickets going on sale. A combination of massive fatigue from a very intense few weeks run up to and including the event, and the fact that we somehow thought it would be a clever idea to put the tickets on sale right when we're at our most exhausted, meant that it was far from as transparent and clearly explained as we'd like it to have been. So that's what we want to talk about here.

The increased uptake from families is something we’re extremely pleased about and has helped create the wonderful atmosphere within the gates of Leopallooza. However, for some time now, we have had to subsidise the Sleepy Hollow, to provide an area where parents can feel their children are safe and well rested away from late night entertainment and noise, as we push to make Leopallooza a very inclusive event, with attractive entertainment for all who choose to come. Family Tickets alone were (and remain) a very cost-attractive option when set against the cost of buying individual Regular Tickets per person, and although many festivals do not offer a Family Ticket option, we do, to encourage more families along. However, to afford to continue doing this, we need to make the Sleepy Hollow area a slightly more exclusive area - it already has flushing toilets and the best kind of showers, but we want to make it even better, give it its own security team (to avoid the ticket option being abused) and to generally make it a far more attractive 'bolt-on' option for families, who of course can still choose to go into Regular Camping or the Live-In Vehicle area if they so choose (and many do).

We also want to increase our range of entertainment and activities for families - this year we introduced Rogue Theatre and The Funny Side, both of which proved extremely popular. 

As things now stand, the Earlybird price for a Family Ticket with additional Sleepy Hollow camping, featuring all mentioned above, comes to £272. This equates to £68 per head, working out at £22.60 per head per day, for summertime camping with decent facilities and a full range of festival entertainment. We ran this past a test group of families who are known to us, all who believed this remains a good value option. We hope you do too.

For next year, we are also going to introduce a Quiet Camping area within the main camping field, so Family Ticket buyers have even more options on where they'd like to camp, and some - including the Quiet Camping area - are at no extra cost.

To address a couple of other concerns we spotted, there has been an increase in the price of our Live-In Vehicle passes - however, these are still some of the cheapest passes for this option in the UK, for a festival of our size. And regarding the increase in the Earlybird ticket price, it's worth noting that it is now the same price as it was in 2016, over two years ago (the way our pricing was set up for 2017 meant that there were far fewer Earlybird tickets available at the initial Earlybird price, thus we could make those tickets a bit cheaper. As this is a different system, we've had to revert to a former Earlybird price.)

We hope this goes some way to being more transparent regarding the increases to some tickets. We would never, ever increase ticket prices without doing a lot of research of other festivals that are of a similar size to ourselves (as well as some that are bigger and smaller) and crunching a lot of figures before making those kind of calls that affect you and how much you pay for your desired ticket option. However, we definitely messed up in explaining it clearly before we put them on sale this time... and we've definitely learnt a lesson from that.

What we can say as a matter of fact though, is that Leopallooza XIII will be worth every single penny. Pinky promise.

But a huge thank you to you all for your constructive points. It's lovely to have attendees who care so much about the event itself. And we will always listen to your concerns. 

Big thanks for your continued support and love.

Team Pallooza xx