The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club


Where The Temple once stood, there will now be The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club. Here’s a little history, and what you can expect this year, where this hugely popular area will be featuring DJs such as A.Skillz, The Nextmen, WBBL and The HKPP crew themselves!

Over a decade ago in the farthest flung reaches of the southwest, three friends were brought together by a mutual love of good music. With roots in funk, hip hop, big beat and breaks, Morphosis, Fat Harry and Spinforth had a no-holds-barred attitude to their tune selection, playing a multi genre smorgasbord, each bringing their own flavour to the mix.


Taking inspiration from nights like ‘The Heavenly Social’ and ‘The Big Beat Boutique’, ‘The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club’ quickly became a fabulous and beautiful thing, the trio gained a loyal and loving following at their spiritual home and residency at The Watermans in Falmouth, and were soon playing host to the great and good within the scene.


Thrusting themselves into the limelight like proud cockatoos with the infamous ‘Mixtape’ series, the next logical step was to take the show on the road and bookings for booths in clubs and stages in fields quickly followed (as did the wasps). HKPP played their debut set on the Treeline stage at Leopallooza in 2012, and they have curated the music and played a part in The Temple of Boom stage at Leopallooza since it’s inception…


Now, it’s time to bring The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club to it’s new spiritual home!

Expect beats, breaks, glitch, bass, amens, skank, swing, wobs, brass and all that other good stuff! And no wasps.