And just like that, the Wylde Bucks Treasure Hunt is over. The biggest thanks to all you super sleuths who deciphered our clues and set out on the trail of treasure! The levels of commitment to the cause were epic; from the Lizard to Dartmoor, mid-way through haircuts, queuing outside pubs, nighttime expeditions and mad dashes across the south west, no challenge was too tough for you lot!

Now, some important stuff, the deadline for advance online top ups of your Wylde Bucks accounts is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Thursday July 25). After that you’ll still be able to top up when you get here. But we reckon, save yourself queue time and buck up nice and early here:https://www.leopallooza.com/wylde-bucks

Our Official Digital Programme is here!

We know you need to get organised- so here is our early release digital programme to get you clued up with the whos, wheres and whens for your Leo weekend. A free printed version will be available, as always, as a handy pocket sized guide (and lovely souvenir!) at the gate, and at various spots across the site.

AND you can even download this one, so you’ll always have access to our knowledge… clever that!

Your Leo checklist

The official countdown starts here! With just over a week to go until the gates open it’s time to get your bags packed and your hangover cures planned.

We’ve put together a list of things you’ll need, and the things you won’t, for Leo XIII.


Do Bring...

A fiver. 

If you’re driving and there are going to be less than four of you in your car you will need to pay five of your fine English pounds to park. We’ve done away with pre-booked tickets and instead we’re going back to the old-fashioned method of cold, hard cash. This keeps the queues flowing better and saves you from sitting in traffic on a country road gagging for a cider. 

We charge for parking to encourage car-sharing. This reduces emissions as well as keeping the roads clearer for you and our neighbours. Team up with your mates and work out who’s got the biggest car.

Your tickets.

This is pretty important! You won’t be getting in without them. Providing your phone screen isn’t smashed beyond recognition these can be scanned from your phone, so save yourself the printer ink and lets limit the wasted paper.

A flannel. 

A wet-wipe wash may be the traditional festival shower, but it’s not the kindest to the environment. You’d be amazed at what a good old flannel, some water, and soap can achieve.

Your ID.

Look under 25? Lucky you. Our bars follow a strict Look 25 policy, so bring your ID along to prove us wrong. You will also need this on entry or risk getting an under 18s wristband.


We don’t talk about weather forecasts, we’ve learnt the hard way that it’s easy to jinx things. But be prepared, red and peeling isn’t topping any festival fashion lists.

A tent. 

Yes, this might seem obvious. But you’d be surprised...


Leave at Home…


No glass is allowed anywhere on-site. It’s not good for crops, tyres, or hungry cows.

Your wallet.

Yes, really! We’ve introduced a cashless payment system this year, with our very own currency - Wylde Bucks. You can preload your wristband now here, and if you need to top-up over the weekend there will be plenty of stations to do so. No need to worry about losing your license and those four almost-full coffee shop stamp-cards.

Your best white trainers.

It’s Cornwall. It never rains here. Sometimes we just have this weird wet stuff fall from the sky… we recommend bringing some suitable footwear just in case, there have been some serious trainer tragedies over the years. 


Ours are bigger than yours, and we’ve spent a long time planning this playlist!

Your pets.

We love dogs. Like really love them. Unfortunately no domestic animals are allowed anywhere on-site. It’s a licensing thing. 

(If you require a guide dog please do drop us an email)

Bad attitudes.

They’re not welcome here. We’re all about the good times! Smile at strangers, say please and thank you to the bar staff, cheer as loud as you can for every band you see. The field is full of friends, some of them you just haven’t had the chance to meet... yet.


What’s on your list of festival essentials?

Or better yet, what’s the most useless thing you’ve ever taken to a festival, only to have to lug it all the way home again?

Let us know on Facebook or Instagram (using #LeoXIII) and the best (or should we say worst) entry will win a brand new Leopallooza tote bag, perfect for carrying everything you actually need!

Prepare to giggle: Your Comedy Line Up just in

We’re bringing the funny!

Here it is, your Funny Side line-up for #LeoXIII!
Friday night will be headlined by the hilarious Bristol-born Jayde Adams. Jayde’s incredible stand-up routines have won her the 2014 Funny Women Award as well as seeing her nominated for Best Newcomer at Edinburgh 2016.

Saturday night’s headline laughs will come from I’m A Celeb finalist and Netflix Comedians of the World star, Joel Dommett. Joel quickly established himself as one of the most energetic and exciting comedians on the circuit and has received critical acclaim.

There are so, SO many incredible comedians to catch over the weekend from the sell-out International Joke Off, Cornwall’s very own Anna Kierle, brutally honest Bristolian Louise Leigh, BBC regular ARTHUR SMITHIvo Graham the youngest ever winner of the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny award for new acts at the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as our amazing MCs for the weekend, Balls of Steel’s Marc Dolan, and ‘stand out stand-up’ Christian Russell-Pollock, plus many, many more!

Bring your most absorbant pants, this year is going to be funny!

Leopallooza2018_Matthew Hawkey__MH_7119.jpg

Drumroll please, your Leopallooza XIII Fancy dress theme is here...


Imagine a world based on happiness. A world based on being kind to strangers. A world based on being kind to the planet. Imagine being able to lose yourself in a world where you can listen to your favourite bands, hang out with your favourite people, and dance like nobody’s watching.

Sounds idyllic, right?
Sounds like The Wyldes.
Sounds like UTOPIA!

Utopia: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

And there we have our fancy dress theme for this year! We know you lot love a dress up theme on a Saturday night, and this year involves more than just popping on a pair of bunny ears. This is where you need to get creative…

How do you see Utopia? Or would it be more of a dystopia?

Will clothing be fashioned entirely from recyclable materials we would normally throw out? Or will the dad trainer trend get completely out of hand and inspire our entire outfits? It’s your chance to design your version of a Wylde Utopia and wear it loud and proud…

We will be running a competition to win some #LeoXIII goodies across social media - just upload a photo of you in your full Utopian glory and tag it with #WyldeUtopia. Extra marks for keeping it eco and upcycling things you find around the house! Winner drawn after the event.

Introducing Wylde Bucks- your shiny new Pallooza Piggy Bank


We’ve been saying for years that The Wyldes should become its own nation. A nation based on having a good time, being kind to strangers, protecting the planet, and dancing like nobody’s watching seems like a pretty good alternative to reality right now...

Our first step towards creating that Utopia has been reached. This year we are introducing...our very own currency, the Wylde Buck! Queueing for too long and missing the start of your favourite band is the stuff of festival nightmares, this will speed everything up and we can all get back to doing what we’re here for.

How does it work? Top up your account now, collect your wristband when you get here, and pay for drinks, merch and the biggest burger in Palloozaville with a mere tap of the wrist. Easy peasy!

Let the Hon. Buchanan ‘Buck’ Wyldington esq. show you how it’s done.

Get cracking and top up your account now

PS. Have we just dropped a sneaky hint about our dress up theme? All will be revealed very soon...