And just like that, the Wylde Bucks Treasure Hunt is over. The biggest thanks to all you super sleuths who deciphered our clues and set out on the trail of treasure! The levels of commitment to the cause were epic; from the Lizard to Dartmoor, mid-way through haircuts, queuing outside pubs, nighttime expeditions and mad dashes across the south west, no challenge was too tough for you lot!

Now, some important stuff, the deadline for advance online top ups of your Wylde Bucks accounts is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Thursday July 25). After that you’ll still be able to top up when you get here. But we reckon, save yourself queue time and buck up nice and early here:https://www.leopallooza.com/wylde-bucks

Treasure hunt time!


It’s a good one. We promise. One that could pay for a hefty chunk of your Leopallooza bar bill. Or all of it if you’re really good at treasure hunting…

To mark the launch of our very own currency, Wylde Bucks, and our cashless wristbands, Buck Wyldington and his friends have been busy. They’ve planted ten treasure chests, each packed with 100 Wylde Bucks, around Cornwall and Devon. As we offer an excellent exchange rate of £1 to 1 Wylde Buck, that’s a massive £100 in each chest towards your Leopallooza weekend! And a total of £1000 worth of Bucks tucked away in secret places, waiting to be found. Worth pulling on your thinking cap and hiking boots and getting involved in right? 

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be posting out cryptic clues about the whereabouts of our ten treasure chests. They’ll be on our Facebook page and in our regular newsletter. 

Each chest will be planted somewhere with a bit of a local cultural connection. It might be highbrow, it might, er, not. All you have to do is put your detective brain into gear, work out where you think it is, and get yourself down there before anyone else does!


If you manage to get your mitts on a treasure chest, all you need to do is:

  •  Post a picture of you with your booty on our Facebook or Instagram pages (tag us: @leopallooza) so we know who you are. (Be careful not to reveal your unique code, you never know what pirates might be lurking…) We’ll contact you to confirm your unique code. 

  • Bring your coupon to Leo, along with ID, where the nice folk at the main top up stand will add your 100 Wylde Bucks to your weekend wristband!

Look out. The first clue will be dropping soon on Facebook and in our next newsletter…

Introducing Wylde Bucks- your shiny new Pallooza Piggy Bank


We’ve been saying for years that The Wyldes should become its own nation. A nation based on having a good time, being kind to strangers, protecting the planet, and dancing like nobody’s watching seems like a pretty good alternative to reality right now...

Our first step towards creating that Utopia has been reached. This year we are introducing...our very own currency, the Wylde Buck! Queueing for too long and missing the start of your favourite band is the stuff of festival nightmares, this will speed everything up and we can all get back to doing what we’re here for.

How does it work? Top up your account now, collect your wristband when you get here, and pay for drinks, merch and the biggest burger in Palloozaville with a mere tap of the wrist. Easy peasy!

Let the Hon. Buchanan ‘Buck’ Wyldington esq. show you how it’s done.

Get cracking and top up your account now

PS. Have we just dropped a sneaky hint about our dress up theme? All will be revealed very soon...