Roguewood (created by Cornwall’s multi award-winning Rogue Theatre) is a story world and a forest of activities for those who seek adventure and those who can’t resist the call of the wild. Journey to the heart of the wood and revel in the company of Rogues. Dance, create, make, play, relax, dream or run wild…it all happens in here!

Roguewood opens each day with a Wild Thing Morning Disco, kick starting a programme of exciting activities for all ages, ending each day with an enrapturing grand finale, Rogue’s epic immersive theatre show; Tales From Wild Places

A collection of some of Rogue’s favourite stories; of mermaids and showmen fishermen, bankers who run wild, a girl who sells her soul for the perfect selfie, a wise woman that lives by the moon and a fairy tale no less, last but not least; ‘Cindy The Pop Princess’.
Step into an immersive story-world hosted by the King of The Woods and The Moon. Each tale is a bewitching and uplifting celebration of life and life’s wild places.

With a spellbinding potion of imagination, humour and magic; Rogue blends original stories with enthralling live music, breath-taking song, wild dance, spectacle and a billowing of visual magnificence, bubbled together with physical performance and stirred with captivating storytelling. Rogue’s productions are truly for all ages, children, families and adults who hear the call of the wild!

Each performance ends with a Wild Ball so stick around for a song or two to meet the wild spirits that entertained you, to have a dance, to shake your bones.

See you in Roguewood!

Journey into the forest and the heart of a twisted story world bursting with zealous live music, exuberant dance and physical performance, wicked witted words and untameable storytelling. This is an unmissable theatre experience for wild spirits of all ages. Forest finery, hats, fancy hairdos and glitter are encouraged though not essential.


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