sleepy hollow

It’s been known for a while that we like to provide a little peace for the families among us, in the form of Sleepy Hollow, a separate, quiet camping area reserved for families.

But this year we’ve stepped it up a notch, and the Sleepy Hollow (formerly Family Camping) area now includes a little array of luxuries and family treats to make camping with the little ones the magical experience that it should be.

The Sleepy Hollow camping area is reserved for families with the Sleepy Hollow upgraded wristbands.

To get your Sleepy Hollow ticket upgrade, visit our ticket page.

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posh loos

Sleepy Hollow campers have access to the finest in festival toilets, with running water and actual. Flushing. Toilets. As well as lovely warm showers. Just what you need for keeping the family clean and content throughout the weekend.


early morning entertainment

with Super Pirates

As parents, we know that kids have a tendency to get up early. Very early. Earlier than you may wish to be ready for the day following a full night of festivities. So we’ve teamed up with Super Pirates, who will be providing exclusive early morning entertainment for the kids, with games, workshops and play that will keep them busy while you have a lie in.



Everyone loves a bedtime story, and what better storytellers could you ask for than the performers at Rogue Theatre?
Gather round and join us for adventures in imagination, and prepare yourselves for a night of sweet dreams.

child friendly catering

To top it all off, Sleepy Hollow is going to have its very own food vendor, providing a child friendly menu, close to the comfort of your tent.