Well what a year! We came a few more steps closer to becoming our own nation, and happily, you joined us on the journey!
We launched our own currency, Wylde Bucks, and many of you stepped into the future with us to pay with your wristbands.

And of course the biggest thanks goes to all you super sleuths who deciphered our clues and set out on the trail of treasure on our Wylde Bucks Treasure Hunt! The levels of commitment to the cause were epic; from the Lizard to Dartmoor, mid-way through haircuts, queuing outside pubs, nighttime expeditions and mad dashes across the south west, no challenge was too tough for you lot!

Make sure you cash out your wristband by 5pm on the 14th August 2019 (2 weeks + a bit longer, to allow for post Leo blues) to ensure you receive your refund for your remaining balance. Refunds may take up to 7 working days to show in your account.

Want to review all the information we gave you to begin with? Everything Wylde Bucks related should be covered below:

 We’ve been saying for years now that The Wyldes should be its own nation,

so we’re pretty excited to announce the first step in making that a reality… Wylde Bucks!


Yes, we’re launching our own currency. Kind of…

Starting from Leopallooza this year, we’ll have cashless payments, all from the comfort of your wristband. No more worrying about lost wallets or accidentally sliding into your overdraft; just prepay (top up if needed) and let the good times roll!

To celebrate our new currency, our team has spent the last few weeks capturing rare footage of the Right Honourable Buchanan “Buck” Wyldington esq:

But how does this work? 

You can top up your account with Leopa-moola right now by heading here. When you arrive at the festival site, your wristband will be waiting for you, all topped up and ready to go. 

There will be top-up stations around the site where you can add more to your wristbands if needed, so if you start going a little over budget (it happens) there’s no need to panic. Oh, and if your festival budget goes under (winner!) you can cash-out what’s left at the end of the weekend!

I have questions…

We get that, we did too. Below are answers to some of the questions you might have. If you have questions that haven’t been answered then you can drop an email to buck@intothewyldes.com and we will get back to you with all the answers as soon as we can. 

▾ What is cashless?

Cashless is a method of payment that helps improve the event experience. You’ll spend less time in queues, less time worrying about cash, less time concerned with fraud and theft, and most importantly, more time enjoying the event! Your wristband acts as your wallet.

Leopallooza’s cashless currency is called Wylde Bucks. You’ll add Wylde Bucks to your wristband online or onsite, and then you simply tap your wristband at any kiosk to make purchases.

▾ How do I get my wristband?

You will receive your wristband when you arrive at the festival. You will only be able to enter the festival if you have a valid wristband, which will be checked at the security gate.

▾ How do I load funds onto my wristband?

To load funds onto your wristband, visit your Wylde Bucks account before the festival. When you scan your ticket to get into the festival, the Wylde Bucks you purchased online will be transferred to your wristband when you arrive at the ticketing gate.

▾ Can I load funds onto my wristband onsite?

If you forget to load funds online or need to add more while at the event, you can do so at a top-up point onsite with cash or card.

▾ How do I purchase items during the festival?

Simply tap your wristband at any of the outlets at the venue to pay for your order and the amount due will be deducted.

▾ How will I know how many Wylde Bucks I’ve got left on my wristband?

You can request a balance check at any of the bars, top-up points or food vendors.

▾ Can I add funds with my phone during the event?

No. During the event, funds can only be added at the designated top-up points. We strongly recommend that you add funds online at home before the event.

▾ Can I still make purchases with cash or card at Leopallooza?

Yes - if you prefer to use cash or card instead of Wylde Bucks, you may do so. However, expect cash and card transactions to take longer than Wylde Bucks transactions. With Wylde Bucks transactions, you’ll be able to tap and go with ease.

▾ What if I have unused Wylde Bucks on my wristband after the festival?

You can claim back any unused funds online up to the value of 220 per wristband. To cash out, visit your Wylde Bucks Account, sign in or register for an account, and select ‘Cash Out’. If you didn’t register your wristband before the festival, you will be asked to link your wristband and provide card details to complete the cash out. You can link a maximum of 5 wristbands to the same account. Cashout will open at 9am on July 29th and close at 10pm on August 12th.

▾ What if I lose my wristband?

If your wristband is lost or stolen, you can get a replacement. However, please keep in mind that your wristband is similar to cash. This means we can issue a new wristband, but your credit will be lost.

▾ Can I transfer my Wylde Bucks to someone else’s wristband?

No, your credit is not transferable.

▾ How long is the wristband valid for?

The wristband is only valid during the festival through the close of the cash out period, 29 July - 12th August.

▾ What if my wristband gets cut, torn or wet?

The wristband will still be accepted across the festival should you have funds on it. However, you are welcome to collect another wristband free of charge at the entrance to the festival. Your wristband is water resistant.

▾ What if I have any questions?

If you have further questions, ask any of the cashless staff at the festival. If you require further information, send an email to support@justtappit.com.


You’ve read this far… now we’ve got a secret to share with you…

It’s a good one. We promise. One that could pay for a hefty chunk of your Leopallooza bar bill. Or all of it if you’re really good at treasure hunting…

To mark the launch of our very own currency, Wylde Bucks, and our cashless wristbands, Buck Wyldington and his friends have been busy. They’ve planted ten treasure chests, each packed with 100 Wylde Bucks, around Cornwall and Devon. As we offer an excellent exchange rate of £1 to 1 Wylde Buck, that’s a massive £100 in each chest towards your Leopallooza weekend! And a total of £1000 worth of Bucks tucked away in secret places, waiting to be found. Worth pulling on your thinking cap and hiking boots and getting involved in right? 

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be posting out cryptic clues about the whereabouts of our ten treasure chests. They’ll be on our Facebook page and in our regular newsletter. 

Each chest will be planted somewhere with a bit of a local cultural connection. It might be highbrow, it might, er, not. All you have to do is put your detective brain into gear, work out where you think it is, and get yourself down there before anyone else does!

If you manage to get your mitts on a treasure chest, all you need to do is:

  •  Post a picture of you with your booty on our Facebook or Instagram pages (tag us: @leopallooza) so we know who you are. (Be careful not to reveal your unique code, you never know what pirates might be lurking…) We’ll contact you to confirm your unique code. 

  • Bring your coupon to Leo, along with ID, where the nice folk at the main top up stand will add your 100 Wylde Bucks to your weekend wristband!

Look out. The first clue will be dropping soon on Facebook and in our next newsletter…