Thank You!

From a very sleepy field of dreams, and from a very humbled team, we have one word which pretty much sums you all up: SUPERSTARS.

The rain came, the rain fell, the mud appeared, and you lot partied. And partied. AND PARTIED! Where we were worried it might be ruining your enjoyment of the festival, you lot smiled, pulled on a coat and wellies (or a pair of gold lamé hotpants and white trainers in one man’s case) and got stuck in. That right there is the spirit of Leopallooza in a nutshell, and you lot are the absolute epitome! This party is your party, and you lot showed the world that mud ain’t nothing but a little brown inconvenience (n.b. we have trademarked that as a future Leopallooza house band name.)

A big, big sweaty bear hug to every single member of the Leopallooza team involved this weekend and throughout the year: This thing simply would not exist without the collective physical and mental input from some seriously lovely and clever people, and we cannot thank them enough.

Thanks to all the artists who travelled from near and far and very far. We hope you enjoyed your time in the field! It was a pleasure to host every single one of you. We hope you’ll come back again and party with us.

Fist bumps all round to the six tractor drivers who dropped everything and raced to the assistance of all those who were mud-bound in the car park on Saturday and Sunday, and stayed on hand for most of the night!

And to you. You always blow our minds and this weekend you took it to another mind-blowing level. Thank you for your consistent support in making this festival happen year on year!

For any Leopallooza lost property, drop us an email to and tell us what it is you dropped!

Once more in case you couldn’t read between the lines: We bloody love you lot. Thanks for being awesome.

Team Pallooza x

#LeoXI #LeoXII